Anti-Spam Policy

Permission is what ultimately determines whether something is spam.

We are huge supporters of the CAN-SPAM Act, and require all of our users to accept the policy before they can send introduction emails to individuals. The laws set forth in the CAN-SPAM Act have done a good job of setting an industry wide baseline and have helped cut down on the amount of spam the average consumer receives. Our company values these laws and request that our users seek permission from individuals to ensure if something should be emailed or not.

eHandshake is designed to help you match up with non-competing businesses and introduce each other to your existing customers, friends, family and colleagues that know and trust you, using our easy hassle-free personalized system.

The goal of eHandshake is to you grow your businesses by increasing the number of targeted customers your businesses is introduced to each month using our Drip Networking system. Business circle members are paired up each month to introduce each other’s non-competing business automatically by sending business introduction emails to their existing customers, friends, family and colleges who they know and who trust them.

Therefore, it is a best practice to only send introduction emails about businesses you’ve matched up with to those people that you have a relationship with and permission to contact.

Using your best judgment on what qualifies as a relationship will result in successful business introductions of each other’s businesses. We understand that not every company and/or relationships are the same. But to help ensure your success, we recommend not sending introduction emails about others businesses to email addresses that fall into the categories outline below:

  • eHandshake requires you to request feedback about your business from your customers, friends, family or colleges before you can Join a Business Circle or send our business introduction emails. If you send a business introduction email outside of the eHandshake platform (for example, you send a eHandshake business profile link to someone using Outlook, Gmail, or other mail apps, please be sure you know them and have their permission.
  • Emails change for all sorts of reasons and if you are still in contact with that person you should maybe check and update that contact before you send introductions about other businesses. If you are not in contact, would they be someone you would want to send a business referral introduction email to anyway?
  • If you have bought, purchased, borrowed or copied their email address from a list or the Internet. Think again, why would a stranger want to receive a business referral introduction email from you as a referral?
  • Did this person complete an online form and give you permission to contact them by email? If not, you shouldn’t contact them in any capacity. And if they did, unless you did business with them or know them personally, why would you want to send them a business referral introduction email?
  • If they gave you their business card (and you did not do business with them) and they gave you permission to contact them and/or put them on a list, then you can contact them. But again, make sure they approve of you sending them a business referral introduction emails.

Why is an unsubscribe option included in every email sent from eHandshake on my behalf?

According to the CAN-SPAM Act the receiver of any email should be able to “opt out of receiving future email from you.” For your convenience every email that we send out will include an unsubscribe option. We will also keep track of your unsubscribes so that you don’t send future emails to them.

How we know if you are emailing people that you don’t have permission to contact?

We will track the number of emails that you have come back has undeliverable, unsubscribe and reported as spam. We will monitor that activity and notify you if response rates start to get close to the unacceptable range.

What happens if I get close to the unacceptable range?

If you get close to the unacceptable range for being reported as spam you will receive a warning email. If this pattern continues we reserve the right to terminate your account.

We also reserve the right to terminate your account without warning if you exceed the acceptable range in a short amount of time. If this happens to your account and you feel it was a mistake, please contact

Why did you receive an email from eHandshake?

You received an email from eHandshake because an individual who you have done business or are friends or family with would like to introduce you to other business services you may be interested in. If you choose to contact the business being introduced to you, your connection to that business is private. For more information please go to and read our FAQ.

If you have any questions about eHandshake’s Anti-Spam Policy or if you want to report spamming activity, please email us at