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Match, Refer and Grow!


with businesses selling to

the same customers as you!

eHandshake carefully matches non-competing businesses
who are selling to the same types of customers so
they can easily connect and refer each other.


your business to more new

customers everyday!

eHandshake members easily refer each other to existing
customers, friends and family who already know and trust
them using Email, Facebook, Twitter, and more! .


your business referrals from

people customers trust!

eHandshake makes it easy to increase your customer
referrals from people introducing your business to thier
customers, friends and family who trust them.

How we do it


basic info about

your business to

match it with others.


your business so

that others know

you are trustworthy!


with non-competitive

business selling to

the same customers.


each others business

using Email, Twitter,

Facebook and more!


by increasing your

customer referrals by

people customers trust!

Other helpful features

Refer & Earn

get friends to sign-up

and earn monthly

cash credit forever.


let new customers

know how happy your

current customers are.


Focus on your customers

with our user friendly

customer database.


Keep in touch with

customers, members,

associates, friends, etc.

Online Profile

Display your online

business profile,

ratings & reviews.

Why We Created It...

​About 90% of our new customers come from

​family, friends and customers referring us to others.

​Many customer referrals come from business friends

​selling to the same types of customers as we do.

​So, we want a smart way to be referred to more

​customers and so do all of our business friends.

​Welcome to eHandshake!

What are people saying?

Chad Hebert

"eHandshake has made the

traditional referral process

easier and more reliable."

Stephanie Ingram

"Like eHarmony for business

carefully matches people so

they can refer each other."

Stanley Keith

"Trust is why we refer each

other, and eHandshake

makes this very easy to do."

Jennifer Pennebaker

"Connecting with compatible

businesses for more referrals

couldn't be any easier."

Why member's

customers love us?

Verified customer reviews using our feedback authentication process.

Members provide great service to insure future customer referrals.

Members are reliable, since they only refer each other based on trust!

Our Mission

To help local non-competing businesses connect and refer

each other and grow a healthy & happy customer base!

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90 day free trial, cancel at anytime